The Author

Mike Grehan is Managing Director of one of the UK’s longest established Internet Marketing Consultancies. Formerly a professional broadcaster and freelance writer, Mike moved into advertising and marketing in the late 80’s. He has worked for and with advertising agencies and marketing organisations on both sides as supplier and client. He studied marketing at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle (his home city) where he is currently e-Marketing Consultant to the e-Business Centre.

mike grehan, author, search engine marketing

His presentations at the University have been some of the highest attended and he is frequently booked to present at conferences and seminars on the subject of Internet marketing. Since he founded his consultancy in 1996 and moved into Internet marketing on a full time basis, his clients now include national and international companies in both consumer and business-to-business markets. He is a prolific writer and submits articles specifically on the subject of Internet marketing to both online and offline publications. He has interviewed some of the major players in the search engine industry. The full transcripts of which form the basis of this guide.

Search Engine Marketing (formerly The Essential Guide To Search Engine Positioning) is the second edition of the best practice guide for online marketing professionals.

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