Link Analysis

When you read this guide, you’ll hear my mantra over and over again: It’s not what you say about yourself – it’s what other people say about you! So, what does that mean? And how does it apply to search engine optimisation? Well the answer is this: search engines pay more attention to the links which point back to you from other sites than what you write on your ownweb pages. And it’s not just the number of links:it’s the quality of those links and what text they contain.

link analysis and link popularity

Search engines use very complex algorithms to analyse the link structure of the web. By using this information they can find what they call ‘hubs and authorities’ and even cyber communities. Link analysis (or your link popularity factor as it’s also known) determines the ‘reputation’ of your pages by looking at the number and the quality of the web sites which point back to you. Find out exactly how these algorithms work, and get a free report on PageRank, the algorithm used by Google. The report is written by leading SEO Chris Ridings.

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