Search Engines

How do search engines work? what is that search engine spiders do when they come to visit your web pages? What do they allow? What don’t they allow? Is it possible to get banned from search engines? Get the answers to the most often asked questions about search engines.

how search engines work

There is so much information about search engines on the web, that it’s hard to know what is correct and what isn’t. Poor advice abounds and web sites are constantly penalised for inadvertently Spamming search engines because of it. Search engines are much more sophisticated and can spot many attempts to fool them. If you understand exactly how they work and exactly what the process is when a search engine spider comes to your site – then you are much more likely to feed that spider exactly what it’s looking for. The guide includes in-depth conversations with leading industry figures. So forget what you may have heard before and listen to the facts from the people in the industry who count.

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